NOTE: this is an archived version of the old http://tonylinde.com website that I decided to refresh in 2018. Some stuff may be broken or inappropriate because of this move. I also had to change to a new theme since my previous one was retired: let me know if you notice anything broken.

I am a printmaker, studio holder, teaching assistant and volunteer at Leicester Print Workshop. Check out my artist page there. I was previously an IT project manager and still enjoy getting down and dirty with computers and code.

This site has a very infrequently updated blog (I would say I’m going to keep it more up to date from now on, but past experience would lead no-one to trust that assertion). Some of the more interesting parts of the blog are on:

  • Art
    overlaps heavily with the printmaking one and a bit redundant since I no longer do much other art
  • Fiction writing
    quite a bit out of date but I have started writing again (2017), so we’ll see if anything gets added here
  • Poetry
    again, not done much recently, but I’ll always return to this, on and off, over time
  • Photography
    mostly from 2010/11 trip to Aus/NZ but lots about how I edited them to my satisfaction
  • Printmaking
    pretty self-explanatory, mostly about things I’ve learned as I’ve progressed, so might be useful; hope I can keep updating at least this category
  • Australia 2015
    mostly about trip to Australia early 2015 when I visited 11 printmaking studios/artists

This page has been created in March 2017 as my previous domain landing page is being retired. Maybe, one day, I’ll make this site more interesting.